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Initial setup and organization onboarding
How to configure an absence type?This article will guide you through the configuration of the new request type.

How to set up leave policy for teams located in different countries?
How to set up a leave policy based on the contract types?
How to create an absence type available only to some employees?
How to configure an unlimited vacation policy?
How to allow requesting time-off for the following year?
How to turn on requesting above the entitlement limit?
How to delete a request?
How to manage historical data updating?
Does everyone have the ability to see each other requests?
How to Enable iCal Integration to Sync Calamari with Outlook, Apple Calendar, and More
Users' roles in Calamari Time OffIn this article you'll find out what are administrator's, manager's and user's privilages in the Calamari Time Off module.
How to create a defined list of reasons for absences in Calamari?
How to import Calamari Calendar to Outlook?
How to import Calamari Calendar to Google Calendar?
How to set up 1 hour or half-day leave?
How to show the reason for absence on the calendar?
How to enable adding attachments?
Entitlement based on the anniversary of the hire date
How to grant entitlement on the anniversary of the hire date?
How to setup a backup of approver during the absence?
What are the calculation types for accruing entitlement?
How to set a custom color for the absence type?
What should I do if an employee comes back from vacation early?
Differences between estimating future entitlement vs. calculating as of the current dayIn this article, you will learn how the system will accrue entitlement and the way employees will be requesting leave in the future.
How can I set different colors for each absence type on the calendar?
How to manage working at the office/remote work