What is a leave request status?

In this article, you can learn about the various request statuses in Calamari and understand the differences between them.

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💡 A leave request status is directly tied to an approval flow configuration.

Auto-approval allows to approve or cancel the request automatically.

Multi-level approval flow is a process that includes an employee and an approver and will result in displaying various statuses of absence requests.

There are six statuses of leave requests in Calamari:

  1. pending: the request has been sent to the approver and requires action,

  2. approved: the request has been accepted by the approver,

  3. rejected: the request has been rejected by the approver,

  4. cancellation pending: an approved request has been canceled by an employee and is awaiting the decision of the approver,

  5. canceled: the approver has accepted the changes to cancel the request,

  6. revoked: the approver has revoked the approval of the request.

Every employee can check the history of their requests in Time off → Requests section:

The approver can check the history of the requests they directly approved in Time off → Approval:

Request statuses in Calamari


When the employee submits a leave request, the request is forwarded to the approver. At this stage, the request will appear as PENDING, indicating that action is required from the approver. During this pending period, the approver is expected to review and either approve or reject the request.

The approver has the option to accept all requests at once:

Pending requests are marked by a yellow notification with the number of requests to review:

If the employee cancels the request while it is in PENDING status and the approval flow is set up as a single-step process, the status will be automatically changed to CANCELED instead of CANCELLATION PENDING.

The approver can still view the request in the Approval history and through notification channels.


Status APPROVED will appear once the approver accepts the employee's request.


If the approver rejects the employee's pending request, the status will change to REJECTED accordingly.

The person responsible for the rejection has an option to add a comment to give more context to their decision:

Cancellation pending

If the employee needs to change their plans or correct a mistake when requesting a leave, they can cancel the request. The designated approver still needs to approve the cancellation. During this time, the request status changes to CANCELLATION PENDING while awaiting approval.

The CANCELLATION PENDING status will notify the approver in the same way as the PENDING status.


When the request cancellation is approved, its status will change to CANCELED.


If the approver accepted the request by mistake, they can revoke it:

This action is possible only after approving the request first. The status will be updated accordingly to REVOKED.

What is the difference between canceling, revoking, and deleting a request

  • A regular employee can cancel a request when they change their plans or make a mistake.

  • An approver has the option to revoke their approval for a request. This action can be taken for all requests for which they are the approver in the approval flow.

  • An admin can cancel every approved request, delete all the requests of all employees, and revoke the approved requests if they are included in the approval flow.

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