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How to import entitlement balances to Calamari?
How to import entitlement balances to Calamari?
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⚠️ Important

Please remember that the number of hours/days entered in the file will be adjusted to the entitlement accrued automatically by the system.

For example:

  • if you put 6 days in the file next to John Smith, it will add 6 days to his entitlement.

  • If you put a minus (-) before the number, it will deduct the given number of days from the employee’s current entitlement.


  1. Download and fill in the template file

  • Email column - In this column, add the email address of the employee

  • Absence type column - Add the name of the absence type. Make sure that the name is the same as on your account (you can check the absence types here)

  • Balance (days/hours) - Complete this column with the balances you’d like to adjust.

  • As of day (date) Define the date as of which the balance will be effective.

  • Comment - In the comment column, you can add additional information if necessary.

💡 Before saving the file, make sure that:

  • the names of the absence types are the same in the file and on your Calamari account.

  • the data in the As of day (date) column has the following format: YYYY-MM-DD (Year-Month-Day)

  • there are no empty spaces left at the end of each line

  • if the balance to be imported is a decimal fraction it should be separated with a dot → example 2.5 instead of 2,5

  • Everything is formated as text

  • the field delimiter is →, (comma), and string delimiter is → " (upper inverted commas)

2. Save the file in a CSV format

Note: If you try to upload the file in the .xls format (Excel format) - the system will not accept it.

3. Upload the file

Log in to Calamari → go to ConfigurationImportAbsence limits changes → and upload your file :)

If you need any assistance with uploading data, go to Configuration → Import → File sharing with support team → Upload & let us know you uploaded the files.

We're happy to help!

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