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How to manage historical data updating?
How to manage historical data updating?
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Restriction regarding historical data updating

In the Configuration → Restrictions you have an option to allow or block historical data updating.

If the button is blurred this means that your organization allows requesting absences in the past without any restrictions/limits:

If you turn on blocking of historical data updating you can choose the maximum date up to which users will be able to update data from the previous month:

Restrictions within particular absence type

In Calamari you can configure restrictions referring to particular absence types. In order to do so please go to Configuration → Absence types → Choose absence type → Restrictions

You can choose 2 different results of this restrictions:

  • Display a warning - the system will allow to process the request but a warning will be displayed before submitting the request.

  • Block request - the request will be blocked from further processing, with the information about breaking the organization's policy

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