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What clock in/out methods are available in Calamari?
What clock in/out methods are available in Calamari?
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Calamari Clockin is an attendance management system. Employees can add their work time manually or use various real-time methods.

It is allowed to use only a few or all methods accordingly to your needs as well as restricting the usage of a particular method to a specific team/employees.

Here is the list of available ways of clocking in/out in Calamari:

  • You can mark your presence by clicking the START/STOP buttons (1), mark a break or start a project. In addition, it is possible to add a description to the shift or check your schedule (2):

  • You can clock from the Mobile App as well. There are similar START/STOP buttons, the BREAK button, projects or the possibility to put a description:

  • In Slack, you can track your time as well with the START/STOP/BREAK buttons:

  • It is possible to mark a presence by scanning your QR code while entering the office.

  • iBeacon is a third-party device that constantly emits Bluetooth signals. An employee with the Calamari mobile app installed can enable Bluetooth in their phone and come into the iBeacon Bluetooth signal to be automatically clocked in.

  • API: →Thanks to the API, you can integrate an external system with Calamari.

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