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Allocation of overtime hours to be claimed after settlement period / Overtime bucket
Allocation of overtime hours to be claimed after settlement period / Overtime bucket
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This scenario describes the claim overtime collection worked but not used in the current billing period. Within this scenario, employees are allowed to collect overtime both in the current and next settlement period.

Check what are the overtime management options within the billing period:

If, after the end of the billing period, employees can claim overtime collection in the next billing period, use the dedicated absence type: 'Overtime collection from the previous period'

1. Configuration

An appropriate configuration of the absence type should be created: 'Collect overtime from the previous period'.

  • Remember to select the option Time off in the 'Consider as' field.

  • 'Duration unit' should be set in hours.

In the Accrual tab, set up 'Entitlement' as Accrued and one-time accrual when gains eligibility of 0 h.

In the Requesting tab:

  • For Overtime collection from the previous period, set every working day.

  • We suggest setting the minimum leave duration within one day to 15 minutes.

In the Fields & visibility tab (optional) you can set the Reason for absence field as required and visibility on the calendar:


Remember that (optionally) you can set up an alternative approval process, e.g. automatic approval of this type of request. The instruction can be found here.

2. Closing the billing period and allocating overtime

After the end of the billing period, as the Administrator, you can allocate hours to your employees. There are two ways to do this:

  • manually add hours for claim overtime collection hours using the 'Adjust entitlement' option.

  • importing limits for employees by using an import file

3. Employee perspective

In the Entitlement, tab the employee can check his available claim overtime collection hours from the previous period.

4. Manager/Administrator perspective

Details of claimed overtime collection hours from the previous period can be found in the Entitlement report. Select the appropriate absence type in filtering.

The Administrator can also verify the history of the limits entered by going to the Configuration → People → select an employee → Entitlement changes tab:

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