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Moving employee data fields to Core HR
Moving employee data fields to Core HR
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The reasons for employee data fields transfer

In recent months, we have been developing our newest module - Core HR. The tool helps collect and share information about employees and their work.

Core HR is designed to be the single source of truth for employee data. It will streamline your work with an advanced search engine to filter or display documents and reports. New technology will enable you to audit changes in employee profiles, configure data visibility settings, enable employee self-service and editing information within the scope of granted permissions, and, most importantly, set automation rules and reminders based on dates. One of the main steps in this development process is migrating employee data to the new module to provide you with all new features connected to managing employee data.

We are migrating only fields unrelated to the functionality of Time Off or Time & Attendance modules. All fields that will be migrated are listed below - they will be available only with the Core HR module by November 2023 - which will be the rolling release.

After migration, CoreHR will manage the following

  • Family:

    • marital status

    • children

    • the youngest child's birth date

  • Contact

    • business phone

    • home phone

    • personal email

  • Address

  • Emergency Contact

  • Date of birth and group notifications about birthdays

As a result of the migration of birthday notifications, you only receive notifications about birthdays if you turn on the Core HR module.

Users of the Core HR module can set up new notifications for work anniversaries.

How does this affect your organization?

  • You don't need to do anything if you don't use the employee fields listed above. They will disappear from your account.

  • If the custom fields are essential for your organization, please consider extending your subscription with the Core HR module.

  • You can export the data until November 30th. From early December 2023, we will be rolling the migration of the above-mentioned content. After that, you will only be able to access this information with the Core HR module.

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