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How to set up leave policy for teams located in different countries?
How to set up leave policy for teams located in different countries?
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You can use Calamari Time Off in multinational teams. In this tutorial, we will show to how to configure absence types, for example, company located in US and Canada and France.

Teams located in different countries

The first step to configuring the absence policy in the United States, Canada and France in one Calamari account, is by setting teams per country and/or region. One employee can be on different teams, it means that you can also create project teams and/or region teams with Calamari.

In this example we created:

  • US_Team

  • Canada_Team

  • France_Team

Next, you just need to assign employees into teams:

Different accrual rule regarding absence type

In the second step, you will have to create the absence types and restrict them to the given team.

We have been creating the PTO - absence type with two rules; one for the USA and one for Canada. For employees in USA, we have set the monthly accrual of 1.5 day, and for team from Canada we have configured 2 days per month:

For employees from France, we have created absence type named Congés Payés and restricted it to team from France. The Congés Payés will be only visible to French employees. In Congés Payés, we also settled the "roll-over" or carry-over date as of 01 of June, which is a legal requirement in France:

Note: If you restrict the rule of an “absence type” to one team, then the whole “absence type” will be visible only for the allocated team.

Public holidays’ calendar divided by countries

Finally, in Canada, USA and France, there are different public holidays. In Calamari, you can create 3 calendars with public holidays. In order to create a calendar for public holidays, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open Configuration->Holidays

  2. Click dropdown button with the name of your current calendar

  3. Choose "Manage" and add new calendar

  4. Come back to Configuration->Holidays and switch to the new calendar

  5. Add or import holidays from Google Calendar

Public holidays need to be added every year. But do not worry, our team will remind you of that at the end of the year.

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