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Core HR - Work with Me - explained
Core HR - Work with Me - explained
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Good communication between employees is essential to keep teams productive. "Work with me" is the best way to help people understand each other, avoid misunderstandings, speed up productive discussion and build the foundations of empathy.


Work with Me - is a document or space where employees can share tips on how to work with them so that others can better understand them.

It is a comprehensive knowledge base that allows you to understand the communication styles and work patterns of others, thanks to which it supports cooperation and prevents potential conflicts and misunderstandings between team members.

The "Work with me" functionality provides:

  • access to dedicated space where you can tell your coworkers about who you are and how to work with you

  • access to the information from the People tab with all the other available employees' information (preferences, motivations, needs and weaknesses),

  • option to edit your information from the one pop-up screen

  • a set of questions to help employees complete their profiles

  • question hints to help people answer the questions

  • predefined answers that your employees can use

  • information is divided into thematic categories, which makes it easier to find specific information


  1. Go to the HR module→People→select your profile→Work with me→Start:

The form contains questions in 7 categories:

  • About me

  • Contact me

  • Collaboration

  • Me as a manager

  • Inspirations

  • Me after work

  • Additional

2. Select a category → Move to questions → select a question → Answer → Save answer.


a) Choose questions. You don't have to answer all of them.

b) Before you start writing, it's worth stopping and thinking about how you like to work.

c) You can use sample answers if you feel they fit you.

d) You can come back to the questions and edit your answers in the future.

e) If you answer at least some of the questions, it will help avoid misunderstandings and improve collaboration.

3. After answering the questions, you can click "Preview" to see your answers as well as allow other employees to see them.


The Admin can edit the questions on behalf of the employee.

In case of any questions/ideas/suggestions – just write to us ([email protected] or We are open to any ideas and really enjoy feedback.

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