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How to manually edit an employee's entitlement?
How to manually edit an employee's entitlement?
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Select Employees

  • Go to Configuration → People

  • Choose an employee and click "Adjust entitlement"

  • Select the type of absence.

  • Click "+ Adjust entitlement" button.

Adjust entitlement

  • Enter the number of days you want to add, the day the change falls on, and a reason.

  • Click the "Save" button.

Negative adjustments

Remember that you can adjust the entitlement either with positive or negative values. In order to deduct some days, please choose a minus (-).

Remove the adjustment

In order to remove the adjusted number of days, you can use the "Delete" button.

Adjust balances in bulk:

If you want to import data in bulk for many employees, use balance import from the file. Check out the details here:

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