How to set up a part-time employee?
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  • Work schedule - it is important to create & set up a proper work schedule. In Configuration β†’ Work schedule, you can define a schedule. For example, you can set it up so that part-time employees will work 4 hours per day or only on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday πŸ˜‰

  • Absence type configured in hours unit - Configuring the absence type in hours unit may turn out to be necessary when a part-time employee wants to create a leave request.
    For example, 1 day off requested by a full-time employee will be the very same 1 day off for a part-timer too.
    In order to avoid this situation, we recommend creating a new absence type in hours unit and restrict the entire absence type only to part-time contract type/part-time employees. By doing this, the part-time employee will be able to request a specific number of hours that will represent their whole day.

Moreover, when creating a new absence type for part-timers, don't forget to define the proper number of hours in the Accrual tab.

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