The hours on Timesheet are being calculated on the basis of two factors:

  • weekly work schedule (repeated every week),

  • actually logged hours

Configuration of the work schedule

There can be several working schedules and but each employee can be assigned to only one work schedule.

Configuration→Work schedule→Add→ Choose template as a:

  1. STANDARD - you decide about working days and "from-to" working hours and you can track late arrivals and early departures.

2. FLEXIBLE - allows you to define a weekly flexible schedule with start and end time. You define a number of hours that an employee should work within defined "from-to" hours.

You can also configure your working week e.g. from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM with 8 working hours - then, the "additional" hour can be used for a planned break, since the working hour is still 8.

3. DAILY - allows you to determine a daily working time eg 8 hours per day without "from-to" working hours.

4. NONE - employee works any amount of time any day.

There is no round-up or down in the system. Calamari system registers and saves the exact working hours to the nearest minutes in the Timesheet tab.

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