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In this article you'll find out about the possibilities that are offered in people directory in Core HR module.

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Core HR People allows creating and easy access to employee profiles with all the contact details and basic information about organizational structure assignments.

Additionally, managers are allowed to check absence request details, entitlement, and employee documents.

Administrators can use Core HR People to configure users' profiles, including adjusting entitlement, team assignment, form of employment, and other system settings, such as creating custom fields.


Core HR People tab allows administrators to add new users, edit their profile configuration, and check all the related details.

Directly from here, the administrator is allowed to:

  • add new users to Calamari:

  • add users by importing from Excel file or any external, integrated system (Google, Slack, Microsoft 365, Jira, etc.):

  • invite users to Calamari:

Individually, for every single user, the administrator can perform activities such as:

  • invite to use Calamari,

  • archive user,

  • change notifications settings,

  • edit the role,

  • adjust the entitlement,

  • change profile photo,

  • reset password,

  • change profile settings.

In the left side menu in the employee's profile, the administrator is allowed to:

  • view and edit basic information about the employee, such as personal details, organizational structure, form of employment, etc,

  • view and edit details about emergency contact, additional details, address, etc,

  • access and edit Work with me section,

  • access to document management,

  • view entitlement details,

  • adjust entitlement,

  • view requests details,

  • manage administrational details and settings related to entitlement:

Administrators can sort the list of employees via active, archived or all users:


The custom fields feature allows you to tailor the database to suit the unique needs of your organization. By adding specific fields that are relevant to your company, you can capture and organize all the information that is essential to your operations, ensuring that you have everything you need at your fingertips.

In the ConfigurationCore HR Custom fields you can create custom fields or add a new category to keep the necessary employee data always at hand.

You can store information in the Core HR module in many different formats, such as dates, text fields, multiline text, and checkboxes. These fields can be edited, deleted, moved, and moved upward and downward.

This gives you the ability to store information such as:

  • tax office data

  • emergency contact information

  • B2B contractor data in case of civil contracts

  • bank account number

  • information about special diet

  • level of education

  • reasons for dismissal

  • T-shirt size

  • information about children,

  • middle name

  • and others

Example regarding assets/resources:


Managers can view the profiles of their team members with all the details using the People tab without being able to edit the data.

In the left side menu in the employee's profile, the administrator is allowed to:

  • view basic information about the employee, such as personal details, organizational structure, the form of employment,

  • view details about emergency contact,

  • view Work with me section,

  • access and document management (with applicable permissions level predefined by the administrator),

  • view the entitlement of their subordinates,

  • view requests details:


In the People tab, a regular user will only have access to contact details and basic information about the organizational structure assignment of other users and Work with me section.

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