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How to import requests to Calamari?
How to import requests to Calamari?
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Step-by-step instructions are below:

1. Download and fill in the template.

๐Ÿ’ก Before saving the file make sure that:

  • The names of the absence types are the same in both the file and your Calamari account.

  • The status of the imported requests is: Approved / To accept / Rejected / Revoked / Canceled / To cancel

  • Dates in the 'From' and 'To' columns have the following format: YYYY-MM-DD (Year-Month-Day)

  • If you would like to import half-day requests, please put the start hour in the Half-day column, and in the next column please put the finishing hour (in format HH:MM; e.g. 08:30).
    Moreover, you can put here the time of day instead: MORNING, AFTERNOON, END_OF_DAY.

  • There are no empty spaces at the end of each line

  • Everything is formatted as text

  • The field delimiter is โ†’ , (comma), and string delimiter is โ†’ " (upper inverted commas)

2. Save the file in a CSV format

3. Log in to Calamari โ†’ go to Configuration panel โ†’ Import โ†’ Others โ†’Request historyโ†’ and upload your file :)

Note: If you need any assistance with uploading data, go to Configuration โ†’ Import โ†’ Import data with the help of the Customer Support Team โ†’Attach file & let us know you uploaded the files.

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