Flexible overtime management
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This scenario allows managing overtime in a flexible way and will fit organizations where employees can verify their timesheet and working hours balances in a chosen period of time. This option also allows presenting absences that are a result of overtime collection - as a specific absence type in the company's calendar.

Employee perspective

Employees can verify their overtime balance in the Timesheet tab (Attendance module), and optionally mark their absences resulting from overtime collection within the current settlement period using Apply tab (Absences module).

Example: It's 19th August 2022. Employees would like to check their timesheets regarding overtime. In the Timesheet tab there's an option to check their balance from the beginning of the month 'till the current day.

In the summary on the right side, the employee sees, that he/she worked 4 hours more than planned.

In the next step employee can apply for overtime collection in the Apply tab:

If you want your employees to use this option and mark their absences resulting from overtime collection, follow the below instructions on how to set up a proper configuration.

Overtime collection - configuration

Creating adequate configuration of absence type: 'Overtime collection':

  • Remember to choose the option Consider as: Work from home - thanks to this the requests won't affect the working time.

  • Duration unit should be set in hours:

In the Accrual tab:

  • Set the entitlement as Undefined:

In the Requesting tab:

  • 'Overtime collection' should be configured in working days

  • We suggest the minimum leave duration within one day: 15 minutes

In the Fields&visibility tab (optionally):

  • You can set the Reason field as required and adjust its visibility on the calendar:


Remember that you can configure alternative approval flow, e.g. automatic approval for these type of requests. For more information, please check this article.

Overtime management - manager's and administrator's perspective

While verifying the settlement period Manager/Admin checks the Timesheet report in terms of balance accordance (Balance column):

If your organization allows claiming overtime collection in the next settlement period, please check this article:
โ€‹Allocation of overtime hours to be claimed after settlement period / Overtime bucket

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