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Calamari features
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Calamari provides you with three sets of features:

  • Calamari Time & Attendance which automated timesheet focuses on the simplicity of recording work time

  • Calamari Time Off is a tool that allows you to manage vacation, time off, remote work, and any other absences

  • Calamari Core HR allows you to keep all necessary employee documents in one well-organized and safe place

Here is a list of main features thanks to which you will be able to smoothly manage your HR matters:

  • Multinational – Calamari interface is available in 5 languages: English, German, Polish, French, and Spanish

  • Clock in/out – allows managing attendance of your team with all kinds of breaks, eg. lunch, personal time

  • Methods – allows deciding which employees have access to selected ways of registering work time

  • Presence – allows to automatically create an attendance list available from the browser, mobile app, and Slack

  • Manual timesheet correction – allows making updates to employees' time entries, notifies managers and lets them approve or reject changes

  • Projects – allows to add projects and attach employees to them to track how much time they spent on particular projects or tasks

  • Holidays – allows to add many absence calendars to the same company and assign them to selected teams or employees

  • Absence calendars – allows to track vacations, remote work or day-offs; can be synchronized with Google Workspace, Outlook, Apple and other online calendars

  • Automated entitlement– allows to calculate an absence allowance, according to PTO policy and manually add changes depending on various work contracts and hire dates

  • Quick requests and acceptations – by using Slack integration it allows you to easily request and accept every kind of absence

  • Absence types – allows to create various types of absences and assigns access to them to particular employees

  • Entitlement – allows to automatically calculate all available types of absences and remaining days to use which employees can always check

  • Timesheet – allows to automatically counts the hours worked which employees can always check

  • Approval process – allows to set up managers responsible for requests approval for each team and add various people responsible for the same team or turn on the automatic approval for chosen employees

  • iBeacons – allows you to use iBeacons technology to automatically start and finish work. No action is required, only a mobile phone with the Calamari app for each of your employees

  • QR codes – This allows you to print out identifiers for your employees and install the Calamari Kiosk app on a mobile device. Employees can clock in by scanning their QR codes, the app can make a photo of them during scanning the code

  • Mobile APP – native applications for iOS and Android devices which lets employees sign in on the go. The app will track the GPS location of where an employee punches the clock

  • Notifications – allows to turn on notifications for email, smartphone, Slack and MSTeams to get notifications about presence, day-offs, vacations, birthdays, work anniversaries, being late and other abnormalities

  • Reminders to start and end a workday – allows you to enable notifications and get reminders about the planned start and end of your workday

  • GPS tracking punches location– allows saving the location from which the work time starter when using a mobile device

  • Electronic documents management helps you keep all necessary employee documents in one well-organized and safe place

Customer feedback and suggestions are very important to us. Thanks to them, Calamari is constantly evolving, and we can add new functionalities to the product every week.

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