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How to configure the iCalendar (Outlook and other calendars)?
How to configure the iCalendar (Outlook and other calendars)?
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Calamari gives you the possibility to synchronize Calamari calendar with any external calendar you use, such as MsOutlook, Apple calendar, etc.

Step 1. Turn on iCalendar integration by Calamari administrator

The first step is to turn on iCal integration. You can do this by going into Configuration → iCalendar → Turn on button (as shown in the GIF below).

Step 2. iCalendar configuration (user)

Next, to create the Calamari calendar that you would like to synchronize, you have to go to your User profile Calendar subscription

Here you can see a default Calamari Calendar - the very same as you can see in Calamari in the Calendar tab. To add a new calendar, please click the Add button.

During the creation process, you will be able to choose whose events will be visible (mine, my subordinates', my organization's) and what kinds of events users will be able to see (holidays, birthdays, remote work, etc.)

When your calendar is ready, you can copy the URL address and paste it into the external calendar you are using, et voilà!

Please remember that you can freely edit or delete calendars that you have created.

Synchronization frequency

  • Outlook: According to Microsoft, updates might take over 24 hours to reflect. However, in practice, they usually sync approximately every 3 hours.

  • Google: Per Google's documentation, changes to your Google Calendar could take up to 12 hours to appear.

  • Mac: For Mac users, the frequency of refresh is determined by the user when adding a calendar subscription.

    Please note that this information is accurate as of today, August 16, 2023. Always refer to the respective platform's official documentation (links above) or Calamari Customer Support for the most up-to-date information.


With this online calendar, you can see requests up to 3 months back and up to 2 years ahead

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