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How do iBeacons keep track of the working time?
How do iBeacons keep track of the working time?
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  1. The employee needs to download and install the Calamari ( iOS or Android ) and turn on Bluetooth on their phone.

  2. Put your iBeacon in a place the most employees work. The small box constantly sends Bluetooth signal to the employees' mobile. Calamari then knows if the employee is present in the office, and can clock-in and clock-out them automatically. No action is required.

  3. The employee should pass by the iBeacon range when starting and finishing the workday. This is why we recommend placing the iBeacon(s) in all of the office rooms to have the best coverage.

  4. iBeacon attendance tracking works in the "daily attendance" mode. It means that Calamari clocks the employee in when he/she appears in the range of the iBeacon first time on the particular day and clocks employee out at the end of the day.

  5. The iBeacons don't log out users immediately after they leave work. This is due to the fact that the iBeacon doesn't know if they have finished work or if they are going to come back. At midnight, the device analyses all events and chooses the last moment the employee was at work basing on the latest Bluetooth signal registered.

  6. The employee's timesheet will remain active (not clocked out) until midnight when the system clock out all employees and set the end hour properly.

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