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Calamari Modules: A Brief Overview
Calamari Modules: A Brief Overview
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Calamari is available as a service through the website and mobile app. Calamari application consists of three modules: Calamari Time Off, Calamari Time & Attendance and Calamari Core HR.

Calamari Time Off

Calamari Time Off provides a comprehensive solution to manage time off, vacation, remote work, and all other forms of absences within your organization. Its user-friendly system allows employees to effortlessly request time off while managers can seamlessly review and approve these requests to maintain optimal staffing levels. Additionally, the module is equipped with the capability to track absences across several countries simultaneously using just one account, offering a global solution to leave management. The integrated calendar promotes transparency, giving a clear view of who is out of the office and who is working remotely. Custom leave policies and rules can also be set to meet the specific needs of your organization. In summary, Calamari Time Off is your essential tool for efficient and effective absence management.

Calamari Time & Attendance

Calamari Time & Attendance Module is a comprehensive solution that revolutionizes the way you record and manage work time. With this module, employees have the flexibility to mark their presence through various convenient methods, including Slack, web application, mobile application, QR codes, iBeacons, and MS Teams. This variety of options ensures that the process of recording attendance is accessible and straightforward for everyone. Furthermore, the module provides an intuitive timesheet feature where you can quickly view all the shifts at a glance. In addition, the robust reporting functionality allows you to generate detailed reports of attendance data, which can then be effortlessly exported to an Excel file for further analysis or record-keeping purposes.

Calamari Core HR

Documents module
The Documents module is a comprehensive solution for storing and managing all your HR-related documents in one place. With this feature, you can effortlessly store payslips, contracts, leaves, IDs, evaluation documents, performance metrics, and more, all within a single HR system. The intuitive search engine simplifies the process of finding the documents you need, eliminating the need to sift through physical cabinets and paper folders. Additionally, the module allows you to manage the access levels and visibility of different document catalogues, ensuring that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized individuals.


The People section is designed to foster transparency and clarity within your organization. It provides a central employee database that enables your employees to easily understand the organizational structure and see who they work with. This empowers your team with the information they need to navigate the workplace effectively and build meaningful professional relationships. Additionally, the custom fields feature allows you to tailor the database to suit the unique needs of your organization. By adding specific fields that are relevant to your company, you can capture and organize all the information that is essential to your operations, ensuring that you have everything you need at your fingertips.

"Work with Me"

The "Work with Me" section is a unique feature that provides a platform for employees to share insights on how they prefer to collaborate and communicate. By offering tips and preferences, employees can help their colleagues understand how to work together more effectively, ultimately enhancing the overall team dynamic and productivity.

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