What is Calamari?
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Calamari is a cloud-based people management solution that helps in time-off tracking, attendance management and electronic documents management, which allows you to plan and track all types of absences easily and worked time hours on a daily basis and keep all necessary employee documents in one well-organized and safe place.

Thanks to the easy-to-implement integrations, your HR data is automatically synchronized and always easily accessible, which greatly facilitates the work and management of teams.

What can you do using Calamari?

  • Attendance tracking with GPS location – your employees can work in different locations and managers can see on the map where and when the employee was

  • Absence management – employees can share their vacation plans and get information about upcoming absences of colleagues to better plan their work

  • Always be up to date – your employees/teams can use tools that they like and know and synchronize data with Calamari directly from them

  • Easy database access – all the data are stored in the cloud, so regardless of where you are, you can always access them to check attendance, leave employees and generate the necessary reports

  • Various absence policies – you can create and assign a vacation plan to a specific team or employee to effectively manage teams in various locations like different countries

  • On-the-go notifications – you can set how you want to be informed about changes in Calamari: through email, smartphone or Slack

  • You don’t have to remember – Calamari allows you to set reminders about the start and end of work, as well as to enter employees' birthdays in the calendar to celebrate with them

  • Pandemic-ready contactless solutions – thanks to iBeacons and QR codes you can record your presence without physical contact with the terminal

  • Electronic documents management - you can use different types of documents uploads for employee review, signatures, or as documentation to a repository

Who is Calamari addressed to?

  • growing organizations looking for a solution that will help in managing HR-related matters

  • fully remote teams and businesses with offices in various buildings, cities or countries

  • teams that need timesheets for communication of absence or for calculating working time

  • international organizations looking for a flexible tool to adapt complex attendance and absence policies

What sets Calamari apart?

Calamari is a mixture that combines an easy to use interface with very flexible configuration and useful integrations. Thanks to this it solves many HR and management problems related to various vacation policies, timesheets and calendars. What is really unique is world-class support - with a “yes attitude” and always focused on your needs. At Calamari, we believe in openness and a positive approach to people - we are always happy to answer your questions and suggestions.

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