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Timesheet - What's New?
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As a result of your valuable feedback, we have carried out a comprehensive update of the appearance of the timesheet display.

We put a lot of work into this project, keeping in mind the needs of administrators, who most often use the monthly view, managers, who use the single-day view, and everyday users, who most often use the weekly view.

The interface has been developed with a new technology, which ensures faster performance of the application and opens new opportunities for further development, especially in the area of supporting teams in collecting and processing employee data.

Important note: we will be gradually phasing out the old interface so that we can fully focus on new and improved functionalities.

We encourage you to continue reading to learn more about the capabilities of the new look!

1. Enhanced one-day view

Another improvement is a more readable view of the one-day tab. Currently, you can choose which columns you want to see in the view (top right corner).

You can also choose "all", which will show on one screen - summary, entry and exit times, break and project times, notes, and employee irregularities information.

2. Quicker preview of anomalies status

At first glance, you will see irregularities for the selected time range, thanks to the information shown next to the employee's avatar:

  • A red border around the picture and an exclamation mark symbol in a red circle indicate irregularities that affect the calculation of remuneration: absence or lack of information about the end of work

  • The symbol ! in a yellow triangle indicates smaller irregularities of lateness, too long/short working hours

In case of absence, the entire field of the working day will be highlighted in red.

3. Striped rows and absences types icons for a comprehensive view

In the new view, you'll see striped boxes - they indicate an employee's scheduled absence, either for the whole day or half day.

In addition, we have added icons that show the type of absence: palm tree for vacation, Christmas tree for holidays, and computer for remote work.

4. Additional information in the day cell

In addition to planned absences and abnormalities, you will see information about the employee's day field:

  • Pending requests (upper left corner, clock icon)

  • Added notes (upper right corner, note icon)

  • Number of shifts worked (number in circle next to start and end time)

  • Night shift (moon under the number of shifts next to the start and end time)

  • The balance of hours worked in relation to the established FTE

  • Accepted requests (lower right corner, green clock)

5. Launching the day details and edit view

When you hover over the employee day field, you can:

  • As before, enter the details of the day by clicking on the entire field

  • Or click the "+" icon appearing on a green background to go directly to add attendance

6. New data picker

No more manual selection of dates. From now on, you can quickly set the desired time range and find the right date with the new calendar.

7. Quick keyboard navigation

With the day details view enabled, you can move between days and employees with the left, right, up, and down arrows.

Want to quickly scroll horizontally through the calendar? Press the SHIFT key and move your fingers across the touchpad, or use the wheel on your mouse.

More updates coming

A new timesheet is constantly being developed. Soon, we will expand the one-day view with the option to choose preferred columns that will be launched by default.

We are still gathering feedback on the new timesheet design, so feel free to message us with your thoughts and suggestions!

Remember that the old view will be gradually suppressed - we recommend switching to the new interface as soon as possible.

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