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How does the clock-in/out with QR codes work?
How does the clock-in/out with QR codes work?
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1. At first, decide what device you will use as a QR terminal. You can use a mobile phone/tablet with a good quality camera. We support Android and iOS systems.

QR terminal requirements:

  • Android 5.0 or up

  • iOS 10.0 or up

  • Front camera

  • Internet connection (Wifi/mobile data)

2. Install the Calamari KIOSK app and configure it according to your needs.

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3. Then, mount this device nearby your office entrance and allow employees to clock in/out, mark a break, or work on a project by scanning their QR codes.

  • Your employees can use the digital QR code in the mobile app

  • You can print individual QR codes for all/part of your employees, and they will use them to mark attendance and breaks.

Tip: You can turn on taking a photo when clocking in and out and then see photos under the Timesheet tab:

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