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How to integrate Calamari with Microsoft 365 / Azure AD and MS Teams?
How to integrate Calamari with Microsoft 365 / Azure AD and MS Teams?

Check to enable integration with Office 365

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Who can enable Microsoft 365 integration?

In order to integrate your company account, you need to be an admin in Microsoft 365 and Calamari.

If you do not have administrative permissions in your Azure AD:

  1. Add your Azure AD admin to Calamari as Calamari admin

  2. Ask the Azure AD admin to follow the integration steps

Enabling integration

To enable Calamari and Microsoft 365 integration, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Calamari account, go to the Configuration tab

  2. Select Microsoft 365

  3. Integrate

  4. You will be redirected to the Microsoft Online page → Log in with your Microsoft 365 login and password

To enable users to access the Calamari app in Microsoft 365 tools, follow the steps below.

Once you turn on the integration, each user can add the Calamari application for themselves individually, or administrators can globally add our application in the panel to all or selected users.

MS Teams (web, mobile)

  • Administrators can make the Calamari app available by:

Microsoft 365 Dashboard

Outlook web

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