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How to connect Calamari to MS Teams channels?
How to connect Calamari to MS Teams channels?

Check how you can enable getting group notifications to MS Teams channels

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Currently, with MS Teams, you can:

  1. Request time-off.

  2. Approve/Reject time-off.

  3. Clock in/out, mark breaks, and projects.

  4. Check information about your time worked.

  5. Check information about your own and company-wide scheduled absences.

  6. Check your entitlement balances.

  7. Receive personal notifications on the MS Teams.

  8. Receive notifications on the MS Teams channel about:

  • upcoming absences

  • remote work

  • birthdays

  • work anniversaries

  • public holidays

  • clocking in/out and breaks

If you would like to use the Calamari app in MS Teams (web, mobile), check out the following article:

To start receiving notifications on the MS Teams channels, please follow the video instruction below:


  • notification about today's remote work:

  • notifications about clocking in:

  • notification about today's planned time off:

Check more details about setting up notifications:

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