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How can I add/enable an iBeacon?
How can I add/enable an iBeacon?
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iBeacon configuration process

  1. Go to Configuration → Methods → Beacon → Enable → Add terminal.

  2. Fill in the identification fields (you will find all the necessary information in the iBeacon box or in the manual).

  3. You can choose if clocking in with iBeacon will be available to all employees or only to some of them.

  4. Your employees need to install Calamari mobile application (iOS or Android) and turn on Bluetooth on their mobile devices.

How to find UUID, Major, and Minor?

If you are having trouble with finding the UUID, Major, and Minor, you can use our mobile application to find them:

  • Please log into your mobile app and locate the Help button:

  • Next, locate the Nearby beacons button:

The application will show you the iBeacon devices in your Bluetooth range with their UUID, Major, and Minor numbers.

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