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How to solve common iBeacon issues on iOS / iPhone?
How to solve common iBeacon issues on iOS / iPhone?
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If you've been experiencing issues with the clock in / clock out process with iBeacons, you should be aware that there are a few must-have permissions and settings that you need to turn on.

Location troubleshooting

In order to allow the app to work properly, you need to turn on the location services and allow Calamari to access your location "Always" - the app needs to scan for iBeacons in real-time.
You can find it in:
Settings->Privacy->Location Services

Precise Location

From iOS 14+, we highly recommend enabling Precise Location for the Calamari app.

Go to Settings → Privacy → select Location Services → Select Calamari app → Turn Precise Location ON.

Important: If the user unchecks the Precise Location option, then the GPS returns data with an accuracy of 10128 meters, so the application will never reach the exact coordinates when clocking in.

Bluetooth troubleshooting

Remember that you need to turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone and keep it turned on all the time. Calamari connects to the iBeacon via Bluetooth.

If it does not work please contact the Calamari Support Team.

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