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Calamari can be integrated with tools popularly used by growing businesses. Thanks to that you can synchronize your HR data with just one click.

Here is the list of integrations you can use:

  • Slack – allows to clock in/out, apply and accept time-off requests, check the attendance list, check time-off information, report breaks, get birthday and work anniversaries notifications, get start/end workday reminders, track time against projects, sign in to Calamari with Slack account, check day-off availability and absences, get notifications for managers and about timesheet irregularities

  • Microsoft 365 – allows to track absences and planned time-off in Outlook calendar

  • Google Workspace (G Suite) – allows adding Calamari Leave icon in GSuite menu, track absences and time-off in Google Calendar with various customization features

  • Jira – allows to synchronize absences with Jira's calendar and synchronize employees accounts to Calamari to make the onboarding process faster

  • Asana – allows you to sign in to Calamari by using Asana account for better security of your data

  • API – allows integrating Calamari with your company-wide system. This is a great solution to measure time if your company uses specific access control devices like fingerprint scanners

  • Microsoft Teams – allows you to start and finish work and breaks, track working time for a specific project and check upcoming holidays. In addition, it allows you to receive notifications about upcoming remote work, absences, when work or break starts and ends, or about birthdays, public holidays and work anniversaries

  • Basecamp – allows signing into Calamari using Basecamp account

  • eRecruiter – automatically creates user’s account in Calamari, right after the recruitment process is completed.

To find out more about integrations, check the Integrations section.

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