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How to import employees to Calamari?
How to import employees to Calamari?
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  1. First of all, add Teams, Positions, Working Weeks, Approval Flows, and Holiday Calendars to your Calamari account. Upper case letters makes difference!

  2. Download and fill in the template file

  3. Make sure that the dates (hire date, birth date) have the following format: YYYY-MM-DD

  4. Please check if there are no empty spaces left at the end of each line

  5. Format everything as text

  6. Make sure that field delimiter is → , (comma), and string delimiter is → " (upper inverted commas)

  7. Save the file as a CSV format

  8. Log in to Calamari → go to Configuration → Import → Employee import → and upload your file :)

Note: If you need any assistance with uploading data, go to Configuration → Import → File sharing with support team → Upload & let us know you uploaded the files.

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