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Introduction to the SAML integration with Calamari
Introduction to the SAML integration with Calamari
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What SAML is?

SAML is an open standard for authentication that is being used to access multiple web applications with the use of one set of login credentials. It allows the Identity Provider to authenticate users in your company and then pass the authentication information to the chosen Service Provider e.g. Calamari


This integration allows managing multiple accounts of people in your organization in one place. It also allows logging into many services (Service Providers) with the use of only one account (SSO).In addition, the integration increases security and speeds up the login process.

How does it work in Calamari?

The integration process may look different for different Identity Providers. Although the full step-by-step articles for Identity Providers can be found right below, we would like to present shortly how the integration works in Calamari.

1. Calamari admin configures the Identity Provider so it recognizes the Calamari App.

2. Calamari admin configures the SAML integration in the Calamari App by linking our App with the Identity Provider’s App.

3. Now, users can log in to their Calamari domain ( and click the single sign-on button to log in with SAML.

4. Calamari redirects the user to the login page of the chosen Identity Provider.

5. After successfully logging in, the user is redirected to the Calamari App.

Calamari is compatible with all identity providers that support SAML 2.0, including Azure Active Directory, Google Workspace, OneLogin, Okta, and others.

Check the step-by-step instructions for the most commonly used Identity Providers:

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