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Setting up SAML integration with Google Workspace
Setting up SAML integration with Google Workspace

This article explains how to set up the SAML integration with Google Workspace. Follow the step-by-step tutorial.

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  1. In your Google Admin Console go to Menu → Apps → Web and mobile apps

  2. Click Add AppsAdd custom SAML app

  3. In the next section type Calamari as the Application name and add Calamari logo. Click on Continue button

  4. On the Google Identity Provider details page, Google will show you details that you need to provide in your Calamari configuration later. Copy the SSO URL and Entity ID and download the Certificate. Then click on Continue button

  5. To complete the next step you need to copy some information from your Calamari account. Log in to Calamari as admin and go to the Configuration → SAML → Configure. You should see the Service Provider Information table:

  6. Copy the Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL and paste it into the ACS URL field in Google.

    Copy the Entity ID / Audience URI and paste it into the EntityID field.

    Make sure that Primary Email is selected for NameID (this will match the email addresses of users in Calamari).

    Confirm with the Finnish button.

  7. In the next step you need to allow your users to log into Calamari via Google Workspace. In the Admin console, go to Menu Apps Web and mobile apps. Select your SAML app and click User access.

If you want to turn on or off a service for everyone in your organization, click On for everyone or Off for everyone, and then click on Save button.

8. Go back to your Calamari App Configuration → SAML → Configure and click on the switch to turn the integration on. You will see 3 empty fields that need to be filled

In the SAML SSO URL paste the SSO URL value from Google.

In Issuer Entity ID paste the Entity ID value.

For Public certificate click the DOWNLOAD link under Certificate . Open the downloaded file in the text editor. Copy all the text and paste in Calamari in the Public Certificate field.

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