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How to approve/reject a leave request?
How to approve/reject a leave request?
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Calamari provides many options for approving leave requests. You can do this through:

  • web application

  • email notification

  • mobile app

  • Slack

Check out how to change your preferences for notifications of new requests waiting for approval: How to turn on/off personal notifications?

Approval in the web app

  1. Once one of your subordinates makes a leave request, you will see that request

    in the Approval tab.

2. You can approve/reject the request here:

Email notification

You can approve/reject requests directly from email notification:

Mobile app

When your direct reports/team members submit a leave request, you can receive a push notification about it. When you click on the notification, you can view all the details.

At any time, you can also go to the Approval tab to review requests waiting for approval.


If the integration with Slack is turned on, you have also the possibility to approve/reject the request directly from your Slack account by clicking the Approve or Reject button:

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