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How do I add/edit/delete my working time?
How do I add/edit/delete my working time?
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If you are using Calamari in a web browser, you can add your working time for days/weeks/months ahead and edit working hours after a previously worked period. It is also possible to completely delete working hours.

Adding work time

To add your working hours for several days, please check it below:

Edit working time

  1. To edit your working hours go to the Timesheet tab→ select a day → Edit.


If you don't see the Edit button, please contact your company's Calamari account Administrator or your Direct Manager.

2. After clicking the Edit button, you can manually edit your shift by entering your working hours with breaks and projects. Then click Save to apply the changes.

You can also:

a) see planned working hours for the exact day

b) compare worked hours with the planned hours

c) delete a shift

d) next to the shift hours, you can check the method (terminal) that the employee used to start/stop their shift

e) see the start time of the shift (when the clock is turned on)

f) see the end time of the shift (when the clock is turned off)

g) check time spent working on the project or without the project

h) check time spent on a paid or unpaid break

i) add another shift on the same day

j) check the details of changes for the exact day

By selecting any day, you can add presence or request an absence:

You can also edit your working time using the Calamari mobile application. Check the article How to add/edit/copy working time using the Calamari mobile app?

If you are a regular user, all changes in case of your working hours need to be approved by your manager (approver).

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