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Work at the office policy: COVID-19 case
Work at the office policy: COVID-19 case
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Calamari provides a Time management tool where you and your colleagues can clock in/out on a daily basis and see how many hours you spent at work.
Moreover, there is a real-time tracker and you can see who is currently present/absent or on a break.
Moreover, you can run daily/weekly or monthly Timesheet report.

If you are interested in tracking remote work / work at the office in general, you can obtain this in Leave management module as well.

Follow the below instruction:
1. Create a new absence type "Work at the office" in Configuration β†’ Absence types
2. Define it as a 'remote work':

3. Set up the unlimited accrual:

4. Set up automatic approval in the Configuration β†’ Approval process:

Employees can submit such a request and you can track it on Calamari Calendar or under the reports section.

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