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Interface Update: New Configuration View - People
Interface Update: New Configuration View - People
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The new Configuration - People view has reached a stage that allows us to make it available to all users. This update focuses on streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing the functionality of the available tools.

Important Dates

The old version of the Configuration - People view will be phased out on May 24, 2024. Please familiarize yourself with the new view and transition as soon as possible to ensure smooth operation.

Why were the changes made?

We are updating the technology across the entire Calamari system. This allows for frequent system updates without affecting the app's availability to users. Thanks to the new technology, we can implement modern solutions (such as the ability to define custom fields, groups, and categories) that improve the flow of information in organizations.

The changes have been made after analyzing customer feedback and our discussions with you. We are combining the best elements of the old view with new, fast solutions.

Significant Changes for Easier Management

  • Configurable column in the main view: Administrators can now select the data they want to keep in the collective view of all employees.

  • Searching and filtering people: The new interface offers filtering of employees based on many criteria, including teams, positions, supervisors, date of hire, employment anniversary, tenure, birthdays, and system roles. Advanced filters will be added soon.

  • Editing profiles in a sidebar: Editing employees now takes place in one location - a sliding sidebar. Thanks to these changes, switching between different screens is no longer necessary.

  • Invitation column: Based on feedback, we are adding an invitation column in the main Configuration view, which will facilitate tracking who has received an invitation to the system.

We encourage you to explore the new view and see how the new features can simplify and improve daily human resource management.

If you have questions or want to leave feedback, please send them using the "Add Feedback" option in the app.

Thank you for your engagement, which is invaluable to us as we develop Calamari.

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