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Out of Office feature in your Google Calendar
Out of Office feature in your Google Calendar
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Out of Office feature in your Google Calendar

We have implemented Google’s Out Of Office (OOO) feature into our system, making it easier than ever to manage your time off.

The rollout feature on all accounts starts May 1st and will last until May 15th.

Exploring the Out Of Office

This integration means all your time off requests will be synced as Out Of Office events in your private Google Calendar. This will provide a precise overview of your schedule and availability, minimize scheduling conflicts, and improve communication within your team.

How Will This Affect You?

  • Your time off requests will now be automatically marked as Out Of Office in your Google Calendar

  • Any new meeting requests overlapping with your time off will be automatically declined

  • Public holidays and remote work requests will remain unaffected

  • The description field will not be visible for Out of Office events.

  • This new configuration applies to all types of leaves, excluding delegations, which will continue to operate on the old configuration

Please note that only new leave requests will be registered as Out of Office events. Existing requests will not be migrated.

This new feature will make using Calamari even easier and more efficient for managing time off. We’re constantly working to improve our service, and we think this new feature will help all our users on a daily basis.

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