How to start a subscription?
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Calamari is an online service in the SaaS model and in such solutions, it is standard to establish cooperation on the basis of acceptance of the Terms of use. In order to start a Calamari subscription log into Calamari → and navigate the coin icon on the left bottom corner of the screen→ Subscribe:


  1. Select module or modules

  2. Choose the number of employees

  3. Choose a monthly or annual plan

  4. Fill in company data for the invoice

  5. Fill in the company details for the invoice

  6. Check the summary and click Pay for subscription.

Two subscription periods

In Calamari, you can choose the following subscription periods:

  • Monthly - the system automatically renews your subscription every month

  • Annual - the system automatically sends an email reminder 7 days before your subscription ends, and then, it automatically renews your subscription.

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