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How to turn on the Slack integration?
How to turn on the Slack integration?
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1. Enabling the integration

In order to turn on the Slack integration, go to Configuration → Slack → Enable → Log in to Slack as admin. And that's all!

2. Enabling the Calamari app in Slack

Please follow the steps below in your Slack:

3. Status synchronization

You can enable synchronization of statuses based on requests in Calamari:

  • This feature works only for paid/premium Slack accounts, so if you're using the free version of Slack you won't be able to use the status sync option.

  • The system will not show the status of the request made retrospectively (earlier, i.e. before enabling the integration).

  • Only after enabling the integration, when an employee will make a request for the future, the status will be visible in Slack next to the employee's name.

  • The status will only be displayed if the integration is enabled by a user who has Workspace Primary Owner, Workspace owner or Workspace Admin privileges in Slack.

    Go to your Slack account → Settings & administration→Manage members→select person → →Change account type and check that the option is checked:

    - Workspace Primary Owner

    - Workspace Owner

    - Workspace Admin


    We recommend that you run the integration through the Workspace Primary Owner because if the integration uses the permissions of a regular Workspace Owner or Workspace Administrator - the statuses of users with broader permissions may not update correctly.

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