Please remember that the number of hours/days entered in the file will be adjusted to the entitlement accrued automatically by the system. For example, if you put 6 days in the file next to John Smith, it will add 6 days to his entitlement. If you put a minus (-) before the number, it will deduct the given number of days from the employee’s current entitlement.


  1. Download and fill in the template file

  2. Please make sure that the names of the absence types are the same in the file and on your Calamari account.

  3. Make sure that As of day (date) has the following format: YYYY-MM-DD

  4. Please check if there are no empty spaces left at the end of each line

  5. Format everything as text

  6. Make sure there is no string delimiter

  7. Save the file as a CSV format

  8. Log in to Calamari → go to Configuration → Import →Entitlement changes →  and upload your file :)

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