This is a simple user guide for the Calamari Leave module for regular employees. For any additional help needed, feel free to visit or contact the support team at

The first tab you can see is the Board tab. Here you can have quick access to the most important features of the tool.

In the Apply tab, you can create and submit a leave request. On the calendar, you can click a particular day or click & drag to select more days (1). Then, you should complete your request (2) by filling in such information as the absence type, reason, substitute or if it's a part-day request.
In addition, the blue bar shows the number of days that you're requesting right now and the number of days that you still have available (3).

Next, you can check your own requests under the Requests tab. Here you can not only see the status of your requests (4) but also filter your reports by date or status (5).
Moreover, it is possible to click a particular request (6) to see more details.

In addition, you can download the request as a PDF file (7) or cancel it you changed your mind or there was a mistake (8).


A created vacation request cannot be edited. It is only possible to cancel it and create a new one in the Apply tab.

Once you click a particular request you can see even more details (9, 10)

Under the Entitlement tab, you can see the available number of days/hours for all of your absence types (11). You can also check more details for each absence type (12).

In the Calendar tab, you can see your colleagues' requests (13). In addition, it is possible to filter the calendar (14) by a particular employee, team, absence type or absence category.

Most of the above-mentioned features can be done from the Calamari Mobile App. Feel free to download it here:

AndroidCalamari na Android

iPhone (iOS) →Calamari na iOS

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