This is a simple user guide for the Calamari Clockin module for regular employees. For any additional help needed, feel free to visit or contact the support team at

This is the Clock tab. Here you can mark your presence by clicking the START button (1) or check your schedule and details for today (2).

In the Timesheet tab, you can see your own timesheet by choosing the timesheet view (3) and filtering the period of time (4). Moreover, you can click a particular day (5) to see more details. In addition, you are able to see the worked time vs scheduled time here (6).

This is the view of the particular day (5). Anytime you can create a new shift (7) by providing your hours upfront, edit the current shift (8) or delete your shift (9).

If you are the approver in your Company’s structure, you are able to approve or reject requests of your colleagues (10).

The presence section is a real-time presence list. Here you can see who is present or who is absent in your company (11). Moreover, it is possible to filter the presence list by employees, teams and many more!

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