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In order to use the integration, first you need to turn it on in Calamari. Here is an article how to turn on the Slack integration

Sign in with Slack

Calamari allows you and your teammates to log in to Calamari by using your Slack accounts. There are few rules that you need to understand:

  • One Calamari company account can be connected with one unique Slack team.

  • Each employee is matched by email, that is why you need to have the same email in Slack and Calamari.


One of the biggest advantages of this integration are notifications. You can receive Slack notifications via instant messages instead of email. All Slack users will be notified directly via private message.

Where can you switch it on / off?

You can find more information about notifications in "How to turn on/off notifications" article

What kind of notifications you will get?

  • Slack message when someone of your employees creates a leave request

  • Slack message when your manager approves your request

  • Slack message after a comment about your requests


In some notifications, there are buttons that let you interact with Calamari with one click. This is the fastest way to approve or reject employee time-off requests


Turning on the Slack integration allows you to use slack commands and interact with Calamari directly from Slack. In few seconds you can:

  • request leave

  • start and stop your shift

  • check teammates presence and time-off plans

  • and many more

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