The hours on Timesheet are being calculated on the basis of two factors:

  • working week

  • actually logged hours

Configuration of working week

First, you need to configure the working week and then assign it to a particular employee(s). You can add as many working weeks as you want but the employee can be assigned to only one.

You can configure your working week without putting "work from" and "work to" hours - then, your employee(s) will have to work only for the given number of hours regardless the start/end time.

You can also configure your working week e.g. from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM with 8 working hours - then, the "additional" hour can be used for a planned break, since the working hour is still 8.

The moment of clocking in/out

There is no round up/down in the system. Calamari system picks up and saves the exact time weight to the nearest minutes in the Timesheet tab.

The legend:

  1. Start shift time (the moment of clock in)

  2. End shift time (the moment of clock out)

  3. Edit your shift

  4. Delete your shift

Moreover, you can also check the method of clocking in/out under the shift hours.

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