1. Google Workspace superadmin

Google Workspace integration requires superadmin email in the configuration.
Please add Google Workspace super-admin email to Calamari configuration.

  1. Open Configuration→Integration→Google Workspace

  2. Enter the email address of your Google Workspace super-administrator

  3. Click Save and Resync.

2. Google Workspace API access

If after clicking Resync button you see the below message, it means that Calamari requires access to your Google Workspace account and you should enable API access.

3. Install Calamari in your Google Workspace account

After turning on API if the integration does not work properly (resync does not work) please ask your Google Workspace Admin to install Calamari in your Google Workspace domain from Google Workspace Marketplace.

4. Verify app permissions in your Google Workspace account

If you still have troubles (resync does not work) please check permissions of the installed app in the Google Workspace admin console. 

  • As a Google Workspace admin, visit admin.google.com

  • Choose Apps -> Marketplace apps

  • Select Calamari


Calamari requires the following API permissions:

  • Directory API - Calamari needs to have access to all employee's listings. This is needed for importing employees from Google Workspace to Calamari.

  • Calendar API - Calamari needs to have access to all employees' calendars. This is needed in order to transfer time-off requests to the employee's Google Calendar.

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