1. Check your G-Suite admin

Calamari - G Suite integration requires active administrator email in the configuration:

  • it allows Calamari to import employees from Google Users list
  • it allows Calamari properly syncing Google Calendar for organization 

In order to add your G-Suite Admin, you should :

  1. Open Configuration→Integration→G-Suite
  2. Enter the email address of your G-Suite administrator
  3. Click save


The best way is to put the Super Admin email address just to be sure that the integration works properly. Nevertheless, in order to complete the integration, the G Suite admin must have the following access:

  • Directory API - the G Suite admin in Calamari needs to have access to all employees listings. This is needed for importing employees from G Suite to Calamari.
  • Calendar API - the G Suite admin in Calamari needs to have access to all employees' calendars. This is needed in order to add the Calamari calendar and transfer Calamari requests to the employee's Google Calendar.

2. G-Suite API access

To check if the configuration has been set up correctly, please click Resync button. If you see the below message, it means that Calamari requires access to your G-Suite account and you should enable API access.

3. Install Calamari in your G-Suite account

If the integration has been done correctly, but you can see this message on your Calamari account:

your G-Suite Admin should install Calamari in your G-Suite domain. To do this, he has to click on Install button.

After that, you should be able to import the employees and they should be able to log into our App using their Google account! 

4. Verify app permissions in your G-Suite account

  • As a G Suite admin, visit admin.google.com
  • Choose Apps -> Marketplace apps
  • Select Calamari

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