Available reports:


  • Admin/Manager can use this report to see the details of the entitlement of employees.

  • You can see here the detailed information about e.g. automatic accruals, manually edited days/hours, requested days/hours, and the initial allocation.

  • Filters include employee(s) by name or team, absence type, contract type, and year.


  • Admin/Manager can use this report to see all absence requests including its status (approved, pending, rejected, or canceled). Admin/Manager can also check the reason for absences and their dates.

  • Filters include time range, employee(s) by name or team, absence type, contract time, and status.


  • This report shows the number of days/hours that were taken in a selected period of time. The most convenient way is to filter the Payroll report by the current year.


  • Admin/Manager can see the schedule of the planned time off, the number of hours that employees should be at work, how many hours they actually worked, and the number of hours an employee was absent. 


  • Admin/Manager can see the list of all employees with details (name, surname, email, direct manager, approval flow, working week, holidays calendar, teams, hire date).

Timesheet details

  • Admin/Manager can check all the time events from Calamari within one report. Manage leave requests, timesheets, and projects in one place for more effective HR management.

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