• Admin/Manager can check all the details about the clock in/out, hours and work plan for a particular employee. 

Timesheet details (beta)

  • Admin/Manager can check all the time events from Calamari within one report. Manage leave requests, timesheets, and projects in one place for more effective HR management.


  • Admin/Manager can check the exact activity of employees, including information about the time spent at work or on a break, which clock in method was used to mark the presence and the exact GPS location if using the Mobile app terminal.


  • This report shows information about undesirable situations. Admin/Manager can check here if an employee was late, absent or worked too short.

Presence list

  • Admin/Manager can find information about when an employee was present or absent.


  • The Manager or Admin is able to check on how much time was spent on particular projects.


  • Admin/Manager can see the list of all employees with details (name, surname, email, direct manager, approval flow, working week, holidays calendar, teams, hire date).

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