Who can turn on the integration?

You need to be an admin in Calamari and have Super Admin permissions in Google Workspace. 

Not a Super Admin in Google?

If you do not have sufficient permissions add your Google Workspace admin to your Calamari account and give you admin permissions in Calamari.

What are required permissions?

  • See info about users on your domain

Calamari must have permission to see profile info about your domain users, such as their:

- Names

- Email

- Addresses

- Phone numbers

- Metadata, including user's role, manager info, and last login time

  • See, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar

Calamari must have permission to make changes to your calendars, as well as any calendar you can access using your Google Calendar, including:

- Create, change or delete calendars

- Update individual calendar events

- Change your settings, including who can see your events

- Change who the calendar is shared with

- Your calendars and other calendars you access may contain info like daily schedules, personal contacts and private appointments.

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