You can install the Calamari Clockin QR app on the mobile phone/tablet with Android OS.

Remember that the device needs to have:

  • Android OS 4.0 or higher
  • A front camera 
  1. Go to Configuration →Terminals → Add → QR Code terminal.
  2. Install Android application Calamari Clockin QR.

 a) To start using QR terminal, please link your mobile application with your Calamari account. In the "welcome screen" click on Configuration:

b) Then, scan the code from our Configuration Panel (hold the tablet up to the QR screen on the computer):

3. To mark your presence at work you can use dynamic QR codes, available in our mobile app. Please log into your mobile app and locate the QR Code button:

Please remember that dynamic QR codes change every 10 minutes.

You can see photos under the Timesheet tab when someone clocks in/out.

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