Requesting with a Slack dialog

/calamari leave

Time off with a Slack command

/calamari leave PTO today

This is the way to request a time off. 

Mandatory parameters are:

  • name of an absence type

  • date of absence

You can also:

  • Request a half day off → /calamari leave "annual leave" today am or pm

  • Request few hours → /calamari leave "annual leave" tomorrow 10:00 12:00

  • Add a comment or a reason to the request → /calamari leave "annual leave" tomorrow reason "Vacation in Poland"

  • Assign a substitute by typing his/her 'Slack display name' or email address→ /calamari leave "annual leave" tomorrow substitute "@john"


  • If you do not know a name of the absence type, use /calamari leavetypes 

  • The order of the parameters is not relevant→ /calamari leave today "sick" is equal to /calamari leave "sick" today


  • /calamari leave today "annual leave"

  • /calamari leave "annual leave" 5/26 

  • /calamari leave "annual leave" today am or pm

  • /calamari leave "annual leave" tomorrow 10:00 12:00

  • /calamari leave "annual leave" wednesday to monday

  • /calamari leave from today to friday "annual leave" comment "please approve asap"

  • /calamari leave May/7 to May/21 "annual leave"

  • /calamari leave 2016-07-01 1/2 to 2016-07-02 0.25 "annual leave" reason "i have to get rest"

  • /calamari leave "annual leave" today substitute

  • /calamari leave "annual leave" today substitute @rafalcalamari

All possible date formats and supported languages are: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, German and Russian

Date formats:        









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