1. Set the termination date in the Additional tab

  2. Cancel (or remove) all future time off requests

  3. Archive the employee (Configuration → Employees → choose employee → Archive)

  4. (Optionally) Click the Active button and change it to Archived to see the list of Archived employees. 

Did you know?
Archived employee data will be available in reports and in "Archived" tab. In order to generate a report for the archived employee, just start typing his/her name in the select-box.

How to completely delete an employee?
Once you archive an employee and don't want to store his/her data in your account, you may want to delete employee forever. In that case, please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Configuration → Employees → Change active users view to Archived

  2. Select the employee and click Delete

  3. Confirm your choice

Once you completely delete a user, there will be no way to restore the data. Please make sure you will not need the data anymore.

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